ADC Architectural Design Concepts Inc.

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Architectural Design Concepts is a full-service architectural firm located north of Boston. It was founded in 1978 by George E. Razoyk, its chief architect and president. ADC has extensive experience in creating structures and spaces for almost every walk of life: corporate, commercial, industrial, private, religious, community, educational and governmental. Indeed, ADC's expertise in both traditional and contemporary design has won the company many commissions throughout New England.

In 1966, Mr. Razoyk began his professional career, seeking positions offering the creative responsibility necessary to realizing his talent for innovative, imaginative design. With this responsibility came invaluable experience in managing both projects and people.

His expertise has helped make ADC a hybrid among architectural firms; a firm successfully incorporating the best of large and small -- the personal, responsive service associated with small firms, and the capabilities, resources and knowledge base usually reserved for the largest.

As you can imagine, ADC's unique position places special demands on those who work there. In order to maintain the high standards of service and design that ADC has set for itself, each member of the ADC team must have an uncommon level of talent, knowledge of the field, and versatility -- and be able to use these abilities to best advantage in a finely tuned working environment.

Architectural Design Concepts, Inc. through its own staff and a network of consulting professional engineers provides full architectural and engineering services. These services can range from preliminary site surveys and soils testing on through energy audits and solar feasibility and design.

Each design challenge is reviewed thoroughly, and a team of experts for all disciplines necessary to execute the project in the most professional manner is brought together. From this point they work as a single unit throughout the entire duration of the project, from preliminary feasibility through construction completion.

It is because of this process we guarantee our clients the best quality and professional service available for their project. Check us out on the web or give us a call at (978) 686-2112.