Lighthouse Construction LLC

Discover the Lighthouse Difference - Lighthouse Construction was inspired by the remodeling and contracting services we offer to you. We are the guiding light through the construction process from design through the completion of your project. From our inspired designs, our engineering prowess and our unflagging commitment to detail and efficiency, a discerning consumer need look no further.

Martha Andersen is the Owner. She attended Smith College, has been a career woman and holds 2 Masters Degrees. She has been a director of construction offices for over 10 years.

Peter C. Andersen is the Project Designer and Site Supervisor of Lighthouse Construction, and has been working in this area all of his life. He has an unrestricted construction supervisor’s license, has an engineering degree, is a past member of the Rochester Planning Board, master plan, downtown redevelopment plan and N.H. Homebuilders. His work revitalizing downtown Rochester has brought in 140 new jobs, and made it a better community for everyone. His belief is that a quality space equals quality living, both at work and at home.

Our crew consists of some of the best carpenters and mechanics in the trades. They have the expertise to handle every job with professional flair. With our professionals at your service, you will know that you are getting the quality that you expect. Ask how Lighthouse Construction can save you time, money, and hassles with our construction management experience.

We Have Heart!

Our Grandfather was a fine Danish tradesman. The attention to detail he brought from the old country he instilled in us. Now, after 20 years of working in wood, foam, steel, concrete and stone, we have the versatility and expertise to accommodate your desires.

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