Pellerin Vinyl Siding & Replacement Windows Inc.

At Pellerin Vinyl Siding we are experienced installers of the best vinyl siding and replacement windows available on the market today. As a family-owned company, now in its second generation, we have seen the New Hampshire building materials industry and construction trade evolve. There are now more efficient and more durable vinyl siding products and replacement windows than ever before. But, as in any commodity-type of business, you have to seek these things out.

A word about value. When researching replacement windows or vinyl siding prices, there is more to consider than the dollar amount on the sale tag. The energy savings, durability of the product, and quality of the installation all contribute to the value you receive as a customer. The cheapest price is not necessarily the least expensive. The most expensive price is not necessarily the best quality.

You are only going to do this once. We want to help you avoid making a costly mistake. Come down to our Salem NH showroom and get the "fine print" on the popular products available in the market today. We are confident you will find Pellerin Vinyl Siding and Replacement Windows to be the best value in southern New Hampshire for your biggest investment-your home.

You can shop around and find the best price...the best product...the best installation...or the best guarantee...but they're all here at Pellerin Vinyl Siding and Replacement Windows!

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