Ripano Stoneworks Ltd

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About Ripano Stoneworks
Ripano Stoneworks was founded in 1987. Over the last two decades our attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction has allowed us to expand our facilities three times. This growth has also allowed us to serve our customers more fully. Our new Nashua, NH location is one of the largest and most modern facilities in New England, housing every phase of the countertop process under one roof.

At Ripano Stoneworks we blend traditional craftsmanship with fully digital cutting and polishing technology to produce the finest fabricated countertops. We bring our dedication to quality and attention to detail to each every one of our jobs - which is why we are a leader in the granite and stone industry. The proof: our repeat customers and strong referral business.

We would not be leaders in the granite and stone industry without our employees. Day in and day out our staff demonstrates a tremendous work ethic, producing top quality, hand finished countertops to be proud of. They are truly a dedicated and professional bunch, have been working with us for over a decade!

While a good eye and a steady hand are important to the work we do - so is our modern technology. That's why we utilize state of the art fabricating equipment from the leading manufacturers in the world to craft the finest countertops – granite, marble or quartz.

Browse our showroom that features hundreds of stone samples of all types.

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Soapstone
  • Zodiaq
  • Caesarstone
  • Hanstone

No two pieces of granite are alike, even if they are from the same quarry. This is an important fact to keep in mind when shopping for a new countertop; what you choose may not be exactly what you get if you shop our competitors. But at Ripano Stoneworks what you see is what you get: in our huge climate controlled warehouse, you will be able to browse through our selection of over 500 slabs in hundreds of colors - and pick out the exact slab you want.

Since our work is so directly tied to our earth's natural resources - namely stone - we take our responsibility to the environments very seriously. Our Nashua, NH location is a strong example of our commitment to responsible environmental practices. Instead of building a new facility from scratch, we retrofitted an older. We upgraded the heating systems to an infra-red system and replaced existing lighting to energy efficient T8 fluorescent lamps. And most importantly, since all of our cutting and polishing processes involve water, we installed a closed-loop 100% water recycling system that saves approximately 30,000 gallons a day. The results have been a dramatic reduction in resource and energy usage!
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